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OVG is the largest real estate technology company in The Netherlands. We have a strong foothold in Germany and recently set foot in the United States. We develop smart, high-tech office buildings, always with a sustainable footprint. Our core purpose is to create healthier working, living and learning environments by using smart technology. Our organisation works with a team of enterprising professionals, who have a strong vision in our own field and the world around us. From this angle we extend our boundaries and keep innovating continuously.

Our organisation works with a strong vision in our own field and the world around us

Who is
OVG Real Estate?

OVG Real Estate was established in 1997 and was founded by Coen van Oostrom, who is the CEO of OVG Real Estate. As a novice in the world of real estate, he saw possibilities that others failed to notice. As such, he managed to create opportunities and to establish special projects. OVG does not settle for a set framework, on the contrary, we question it. As a result, a unique method emerged, which is the guideline for our four business units.

  1. OVG The Netherlands

    OVG Real Estate is internationally active, but has its roots in The Netherlands. This branch is the historical kernel. Activities consist of development and re-development with a focus on offices, inner-city and multifunctional buildings and areas.

    Practical example: The Edge, Amsterdam.

  2. OVG Germany

    The German branch of OVG. Through our wide clientele and being supported by our financers, we take further steps into Europe, where Germany serves as our second domestic market.

    Practical example: HumboldtHafenEins, Berlijn.

  3. OVG United States

    With the opening of the New York office OVG Real Estate announces its expansion into the United States of America.

    Practical example: Unilever, New York.

  4. OVG Investments

    OVG Investments invests in existing, strategically located office buildings, thus having a lot of potential. Focusing on re-development and sustainability of mostly vacant office buildings, well-timed investments create value for OVG Real Estate and its external partners.

    Practical example: Spark, Amsterdam.

Our belief

Never before did so many people live in urban areas. At present it is more than half the world’s population, but it will increase. This new reality is a world where more people are living, working, recreating and travelling within a small area.

How does one keep our habitat healthy? How does one most efficiently use natural sources? And how does one cleverly implement the use of new technologies in this respect? OVG Real Estate seeks answers to these questions on a daily basis, because we believe that buildings are more than merely a combination of materials. We are convinced that there is always a better way: greener, smarter, healthier. This belief is put into practice through three pillars, which are the foundation of our method: Sustainability, Technology and Living & Working.

Our Pillars


OVG Real Estate develops remarkable projects and establishes exceptional buildings. Our projects have been rewarded with various awards and sustainability certificates on more than 25 occasions.

Real Estate Brand Awards 2018

IBcon Digie Award

Healthiest Working Environment

Social Involvement Award

Best Tall Building

Green Brick by JLL

Sustainable Leadership Award 2016

New Offices 2016 & Your Vote 2016

Environmental Design Award 2016

Innovators Award 2016

Best New Development in Germany 2015

Global Award for Excellence 2016

Awards nominees

WAN Awards 2015

Developer of the year 2015

Best Innovative Green Building

Best Sustainable Design

Koning Willem I Plaquette

FGH Award 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

OVG Real Estate takes the social significance of its activities very seriously. That is reflected, for instance, in the sustainable way in which we develop our projects. In addition, we share our knowledge with a large number of national and international knowledge networks and we sponsor cultural institutions.


OVG Real Estate gives high priority to transparency. Therefore OVG Real Estate annually reports its financial results through an annual report. Moreover, we share our vision for the upcoming year.

Annual reports

Do you want to know more about the financial results? Download the annual reports for the last two year here. Would you rather have a paper copy? Please enquire: info@ovg.nl.

Annual Report 2015

Download the annual report 2015 with the most important information about our financial performance.

Annual Report 2016

Download the annual report 2016 with the most important information about our financial performance.

Annual Report 2017

Download the annual report 2017 with the most important information about our financial performance.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets team closely cooperates with OVG Investments in The Netherlands as well as Germany, to structure investment propositions for OVG and its partners. Thanks to an extensive network, experience and a good track record, the Capital Markets team has access to the international capital market on both the investment side and the finance side. Combined with an opportunistic mind-set, that matches the OVG enterprise, this led to the foundation of joint ventures and new financial structures. With these partners, OVG Investments are able to perfectly time purchases and sales to create value for OVG Real Estate and its external partners.

At this moment OVG Investments has assets under management of more than 250 million Euro. These assets are managed partly for OVG Real Estate and partly for joint ventures that were founded involving Goldman Sachs and a family from the United Kingdom.