Re-development on native soil


In order to realise the new Cofely office, OVG Real Estate chose to re-develop an existing location. The result is a smart building that perfectly fits in with the one specialist in the field of energy efficiency.

Sustainable challenge

Witnessing the way Cofely has grown into an international company since 1946, you would assume that long ago they spread their wings, leaving the nest. However, after 65 years they are still based on their ‘native soil’ in the Rotterdam harbour. It is an integral part of who they are. The re-development for Cofely was, no doubt, a sustainable one. Our relation with the company goes beyond that of commissioner and contractor.

“This project is an important first step to develop part of the city harbour to a port area for premium maritime service providers”

Jeroen Steens, Head of Harbour exploitation, Harbour authority Rotterdam.

Intensive cooperation

Together with Cofely, OVG Real Estate designed systems for the new office, to not only cleverly save energy, but also to generate it themselves. In addition OVG took the responsibility for radical soil decontamination of the old harbour area, in which also the Rotterdam harbour authorities were involved. Within this intensive partnership, all parties aimed at the utmost sustainable re-development, both above and underground. And they succeeded, with an energy label A+ as a result.

OVG Real Estate designed the systems with Cofely in order to make the new office as durable as possible.
The result is a smart building which fits perfectly with the specialist in the area of energy efficiency.



Willingestraat 4, Rotterdam

Date of completion

30 November 2012


office building


JKH Architect


6.205 m2



Energy labels

Energielabel A+, GreenCalc C