De Haagsche Zwaan

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De Haagsche Zwaan

Sometimes areas in the city are made for re-development. This applies to the location of De Haagsche Zwaan, the new regional office of Deloitte. Sloping over the Utrechtsebaan, you will see, quickly enough, what the “Swan” owes its name to. The building, designed by ZZDP Architects, at the ‘gate’ of The Hague, has become one of the most iconic buildings of the city.

Flexible animal

OVG Real Estate created a new part of the city on a magnificent, conspicuous location, by means of demolition and new development. Due to the glass facade, the building is very light and open on the inside. This, combined with large floor areas, makes the “Swan” flexible to all kinds of working methods. Possibly it will someday be decided to place the swan next to the stork, in the The Hague coat of arms.

De Haagsche Zwaan


Schenkkade 50, Den Haag

Date of completion

26 October 2010


office building


ZZDP Architecten


21.500 m2


Deloitte, Aptitude health, FNLI, NACO, Q8