De Maastoren

Monument in preparation

De Maastoren

With no less than 165 metres, the Maastoren is the highest office building in the Benelux. In 2009 OVG Real Estate enhanced the Rotterdam skyline with this impressive office tower, which cleverly and sustainably uses the river it was named after.

Paragon of integration

“The Maastoren is a monument in preparation and way ahead of its time”, according to the jury of the FGH Real Estate Prize. The building was rewarded with this prize, as it is far more than just high. “For us it is a paragon of optimal integration in an urban surrounding. The iconic design colours along with the horizon and the building’s foundation is in the Maas, the blue central thread of the city.

“The Maastoren was already way ahead of its time, at completion. And it will be for the years to come”

Jury FGH Vastgoedprijs

Building with water

The River even plays an active role inside the building: by means of various techniques and ingenious use of the soil and the flowing river water, the entire heating and cooling of the tower is taken care of. As a result, the CO2 emission of the Maastoren is exceptionally low for a high-rise of this kind. A Dutch iconic project for ‘building with water’ and simply a strong statement.

165m abseiling

Taking it to
the next level

The design of the Maastoren is characterized by two high blocks, one situated on the Laan op Zuid and the other perpendicular to this on the Wilhelmina Pier. This location is extraordinary since two sides of the skyscraper face the River Maas. With 44 floors and a height of 165 meters, this office building has become the highest building in The Netherlands.

Reaching this height did not go unnoticed. May 2009, Mr. Karakus, Alderman for Housing and Spatial Planning in Rotterdam and Mr. Van Oostrom, wrote history by abseiling from this extroardinary building.

Abseilen groot

De Maastoren


Wilhelminakade 1, Rotterdam

Date of completion

3 december 2009


office building for several tenants


Dam & Partners Architecten


44.809 m2


AKD, Deloitte

Energy labels

Energielabel A+