EDGE Olympic

Inspiring and technologically advanced ecosystem

EDGE Olympic


Smartphone as remote control

The smart technology incorporated into EDGE Olympic makes the lives of all users more comfortable and more productive. Whether they spend only a few minutes in the building or a longer period of time, employees and visitors alike will notice that this office building is anything but traditional. A smartphone is the key and remote control for the building. Whether you want to reserve a meeting room or wish to access the car park, it only takes a few clicks to make it happen. Every phase of the development was based on users and their personal needs. The result is an inspiring environment with a wide variety of flexible workspaces that facilitate all forms of work. 


Fred Roeskestraat 115-117-123, Amsterdam


J.P. van Eesteren, Architekten Cie


11,108 m2 floor area


to be announced

Scheduled completion date


Sustainability certificates

Energy Label A, C2C certified, pursuit of BREEAM Excellent and WELL Silver certifications

EDGE Olympic


Inspiring workplace

Today’s knowledge workers are always looking for new connections, new ways to share experiences with others. That is why the building is designed as one big open ecosystem in which smaller communities can easily connect with other users. This creates a living environment that fosters unexpected interactions on a daily basis and that is always teeming with ideas. Both talented young employees and seasoned employees are attracted to EDGE Olympic as the perfect setting for their professional development. In other words, the users not only make use of the physical space, but are also provided with a fertile breeding ground for the growth of their company. 

Module 01 Center C
Module 01 Right C
Module 02 Left C
Module 02 Center C
Smart technology

The building is based on a digital infrastructure that connects everything and everyone within its walls. A smartphone app lets users personalise their workplace, with the possibility to customise the lighting, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. This same technology also lets users find their colleagues quickly, monitor occupancy rates, access the car park and reserve meeting rooms. 

The sophisticated digital infrastructure is flexible, making it future-proof. Extra services can easily be added to meet the changing needs of tenants and users. This enables EDGE Olympic to continuously contribute to user comfort, productivity and creativity.

Circularity and sustainability

EDGE Olympic is largely circular and developed with respect for our living environment. The office building is based on an old, existing building that had exceeded its lifespan. Instead of demolishing the building, it was redeveloped since, after all, the basic structure was still very much usable. As a result, no new raw materials were needed. In addition, those materials in the old building that could no longer be used were given a new purpose within the new version of the building. The old natural stone, for instance, now serves as flooring on the ground floor.

Module 03 Center B
Module 03 Right B
Module 04 Left
Module 04 Center

All of the new materials have a natural base. Thought has also been given to the lifespan of the building. The top two floors, for example, have a wooden construction that can be disassembled relatively easily for future reuse. This part of the building is cradle-to-cradle certified as a result.

All lighting in the building is LED, which is experienced as users as comparable to daylight (90% equivalent to daylight) and less likely to cause fatigue. Compared to traditional fluorescent lighting, LED lights also use less energy and have a much longer lifespan. 


Next generation workplace

Combining sustainability, design, flexibility and a healthy environment often means having to make choices. But in developing EDGE Olympic, OVG did not want to make any compromises - and with success. This is thanks to smart technology that continuously measures, registers and analyses how the building is used - and then anticipate changing circumstances. User comfort is always the point of departure and individual workspaces can be customised to promote this.

All information collected on the use of the building is used for future changes to and the evolution of the structure. If, for example, it becomes clear that users spend less time in certain areas, these areas can be adapted to new personal preferences. The flexible technology underlying EDGE Olympic facilitates continuous development and, consequently, guarantees user comfort and well-being, making this building the epitome of next generation workplaces for OVG.