Contribute to biological balance


An organisation that is concerned with our health, would of course prefer to settle in a building that promotes the health of its employees. The office which OVG Real Estate developed for the Dutch Heart Foundation, meets these wishes: it has a facade, existing half of glass, which ensures light work areas.

Green and water-rich environment

Whoever is good for his employees, of course also wants to be good for the environment. In the design, the biological balance of the green and water-rich surroundings of the office, were taken into account. Therefore, for instance, the whole roof is covered with succulents, for insulation. In the summer, these ensure that the building doesn’t heat up, whilst in the winter it has an insulating function, keeping the warmth inside the building. Not only flora, but also fauna has been paid attention to. The building has a bat bunker, in order to preserve the ecological balance.

"The roof is covered with moss and inside the building a bat bunker was built."

Furthermore the office has a smart and low-energy design, sustainable use of materials and several efficient installations. Because of this, OVG Real Estate was proud to be granted, as the first one in The Netherlands, the BREEM-NL new built certificate, with the qualification ‘Excellent’.



Prinses Catherina-Amaliastraat, The Hague

Date of completion

6 February 2012




Meyer en Van Schooten Architects


7.400 m2


Nederlandse Hartstichting

Energy labels

BREAAM Excellent