Las Palmas

From condemned building to city icon

Las Palmas

After years of vacancy, the old Las Palmas was ready for demolition. A pity,especially considering the history of the structure and the design that could well be viewed as architectural heritage. OVG Real Estate couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity to re-develop such a complex.

Striking design

Las Palmas was established in 1953 as a workshop building of the Holland-America line. It was designed by Van den Broek & Bakema architects and it is a striking design in the Dutch architectural history. After years of serving various purposes, it eventually fell into decay. Several rescue plans were devised, however none of them turned out to be financially feasible and it seemed its days were numbered.


OVG Real Estate took Las Palmas’ plight to heart and developed a business model. Thus not only would the old warehouse be saved, but it would also get a great second life. A unique mix of cultural and commercial institutions together ensured a financially healthy basis on which the creative re-development project could eventually be realised.

A unique mix of cultural and commercial institutions together ensured a financially healthy basis.

But the most remarkable thing was not what took place inside the old Las Palmas, but what happened on top. With a unique design by van Benthem Crouwel Architects, OVG Real Estate managed to nearly double the building’s space. As such it swiftly became the most desired workplace in Rotterdam. In 2007, the renewed Las Palmas was opened by (at the time) Queen Beatrix.

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A various mix of companies and organisations has settled here meanwhile, among which the restaurant of chef-cook Herman den Blijker and also the Dutch Photo Museum. As this project perfectly symbolises the working method and vision of OVG Real Estate, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they themselves decided to settle in this revolutionary property.

Las Palmas


Offices, re-development


Herman den Blijker, Dutch Photo museum, de Jong Gortemaker, Algra, MetrixLab, Kotug, Emakina


Benthem Crouwel Architecten


22.269 m2


Amundi Immobilier