New Tide

Second life

New Tide

Locally the building is famous for being the headquarters of two national newspapers in The Netherlands. OVG purchased the building as a part of the Alexander portfolio and fully renovated the building in order to make it more sustainable.


The building was renovated on a large scale. This involved, among other things, renewing all existing installations and making them more sustainable, thereby achieving a significant improvement of the energy label. In addition, the interior of the office building was transformed and New Tide was equipped with a completely new installation. During the redevelopment of New Tide, the biggest challenges were the preservation and modernization of the outdated building, in such a way that the building is in line with the demands of current and future users. After the renovation, the energy label has been improved from an E-label to an A-label. Sustainable solutions such as the Hot Cold Storage System and the solar panels on the roof ensure that the energy in the building is generated in a sustainable way. New Tide is also equipped with a climate ceiling, which regulates temperature, humidity and air circulation. This ceiling adds to the sustainability and appearance of the building and also provides a comfortable indoor climate. In addition, the property is fully equipped with LED lighting.

Positive Impuls Rotterdam Alexander

In addition to sustainability measures and the improvement of the energy label, the redevelopment also has a positive impact on Alexander, the district where the office building is located. Alexander has struggled with vacancy in recent years, but the sustainable building brings new life to the environment. The housing of the PDC also contributes to employment, and the preservation of New Tide means a saving of 750 tons  CO2 emissions for the municipality of Rotterdam.

New Tide


Marten Meesweg 35, Rotterdam

Floor area

16,441 m2 (GFA)