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Rabobank Fellenoord

Modern workplace in the heart of Eindhoven

Thorough metamorphosis

By re-developing the Rabobank office in Eindhoven the city gets another modern workspace. An office that meets the demands of the ‘new way of working’ in which employees do not have a fixed workplace any longer. But that is not all. The project also gives a new impulse to the central district Fellenoord. Furthermore, the building and also the immediate surroundings are part of the project. This complex will be established in the middle of a green campus and will have a partly public function. From 2017, Fellenoord is no longer a forgotten area of the city, but indeed a part of Eindhoven where people want to be, entirely in conformity with the urban vision of the city.


Fellenoord, Eindhoven


UNStudio, Boele & van Eesteren


65.000 m2


Rabobank Nederland

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Sustainability certificates

BREEAM-NL Excellent
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Well-conceived building process

Fast, smart
and minimal nuisance

The new Rabobank Fellenoord will be developed with respect for the environment. This applies to the design, but also to the building process. From the first moment residents were intensively involved in the process, in order to inform them and take away any worries in advance. As a result, no complaints have been lodged, which is unique for such a project.


In order to limit the inconvenience, OVG Real Estate chose not to demolish the old office, but to have it dismantled. In the new building, 95 percent of the materials released from the dismantling, will be re-used, for instance, wood, aluminium and glass. Even parts of the concrete granulate will be processed to have it poured once again.

Graafmachine 01
Graafmachine 02
rabobank fellenoord-fundering-1

95% of the demolition materials were re-used

rabobank fellenoord-fundering-2
Poured foundation

For the foundation, techniques are used that cause minimum nuisance to the environment: Together with the building company Boele & van Eesteren, a method was chosen where the foundation was poured into the ground. So there are no thuds from a pile driver.

Rabobank Nl Eindhoven Hans Wilschut Exterieur 2017 10
Completely built in 3D

Every section was previously developed entirely in 3D. That makes it possible to prefabricate, for instance, facades, walls and doors. This offers a great advantage in terms of being able to assemble the building like an enormous prefabricated stair kit, on location. This building method is faster as well as eco-friendlier than conventional methods. In addition, it contributes to a minimum nuisance for the residents.

The thought through process has ensured construction to run smoothly. The building was delivered in May 2017 a few months ahead of schedule.

Rabobank Nl Eindhoven Hans Wilschut Exterieur 2017 22
Multifunctional building

Ready for
the future

UNStudio, with architect Ben van Berkel as a manager, is responsible for the design of the new office. The principle was to design a building that would meet the demands of the ‘new way of working’, or, as the bank calls it: Rabobank Unplugged. Every employee must be able to work wirelessly from anywhere, due to the fact that they will no longer have a fixed workplace. The rooms must be adjustable to the diverse needs of the users, such as meetings, brainstorm sessions and concentrated work.

The building was designed with a focus on the future

The building was designed with a focus on the future and was made suitable for different kinds of tenants. This is illustrated by two fully-fledged entrances whereby there is actually no rear exit. Also the plot where the building is established, offers space to accommodate other companies in the future.

The exterior exists of three stepped floors. That does not only create a playful effect, but also ensures reducing the visual height. In that way it fits within the surrounding of other big buildings, while the complex itself remains accessible and transparent.

With the re-development of Rabobank Fellenoord, OVG Real Estate furthermore proves to be aware of the social meaning of its projects: the project is fully sustainable and meets the highest sustainability standards (BREEAM-NL Excellent).

Picture by Hans Wilschut
Picture by Hans Wilschut
Picture by Hans Wilschut
Picture by Hans Wilschut
Picture by Hans Wilschut