OVG Real Estate Welcomes EMA


OVG Real Estate welcomes EMA

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will move from London to Amsterdam. Until the permanent building at the Zuidas is completed, the EMA will take residence in Spark. 

OVG Real Estate Welcomes European Medicines Agency

A place for big thinkers

Amsterdam West

Sloterdijk Centre is the area surrounding Sloterdijk Station in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, the New West district of Amsterdam. It is part of Westpoort, the largest contiguous business park in the Netherlands. It is a very versatile area offering all the amenities one may expect from a dynamic, high-quality office location. Besides offices and educational institutions, the area offers several comfortable international hotels, cozy (coffee) bars, sleek restaurants, a supermarket and, of course, the NS Station Amsterdam Sloterdijk with its train, tram, bus and metro services. Both inside and outside office hours, Sloterdijk Centre is vibrant with activity.

Westpoort offers space for both new developments and transformations. The area is transforming from an office area into a mixed-use residential and commercial site.

Amsterdam West as envisioned by OVG Real Estate

Future-proof work environment

A good office is ready for the future. It offers all the comfort needed to enable people to be the best that they can be – not just today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In every aspect of Spark, ranging from the architecture through high-tech amenities to services and sustainability, the pivotal focus is on the comfort, convenience and wellbeing of the users. Efficient and flexible design, customized to meet every tenant’s needs; that is what is reflected in the added value this office building offers you and your associates and staff.


Orlyplein 2, Amsterdam


Powerhouse (architect) /
G&S Bouw (constructor)


12.800 m2

Commissioning date


Sustainability certificates

Energylabel A

Smart building

Users are in control

Based on our experiences with The Edge, acknowledged as the smartest office building in the world by Bloomberg, we continued to build on the concept of smart building together with our technology partners, applying the latest version of this concept in Spark.

The building is equipped with a robust, high-tech infrastructure that allows for a direct link between various forms of smart hardware and software. That is how Spark offers innovative and future-proof working environments. The entire building is represented in a web application and a ‘native’ application. This easy-to-use app enables users to control their own individual lighting and air conditioning. This will improve employee productivity while at the same time enhancing creativity and awareness.

Spark Split Screen

Every detail is taken care of

Spark has a history: it was originally built in 1992. The interior of the building was outdated, but the core was still in excellent condition. OVG bought the building, in line with its strategy to buy and maintain existing buildings at A-locations. It was therefore decided to  redevelop Spark, while trying to preserve as much of the original building as possible.

Once Spark's redevelopment process started, it became evident that more components were eligible for replacement than initially thought. The glass was replaced because this would make a significant contribution to energy and climate savings. The largest part of the technical installations were also renewed. By doing so, the building can continue to meet the high standards in terms of sustainability and indoor climate for the coming decades. At the end of the redevelopment, almost every detail of the building was handled and taken care of, making Spark a new building.

By redeveloping Spark, OVG wants to give the emerging Sloterdijk area an extra boost. The municipality of Amsterdam is working on a large-scale transformation of the area by combining various functions: housing, offices, shops and restaurants. Spark fit perfectly with this plan. A large, inviting canopy is the most eye-catching part of the building. This canopy is not just esthetic but also as an invitation to come in.

Building controlled with an app

Everything under your fingertips

In finding the most suitable space to convene a meeting, user convenience is enhanced with the built-in wayfinding system. Ventilation in meeting rooms is automatically adjusted to the number of people present. In addition, the app has capabilities that allow it to provide insight into the level of activity in the office and the popularity of specific spaces among users, or which rooms are the quietest. This enables users to find the right match between work areas and the work that needs to be done. This is valuable information if you want to optimize the performance of your working environment

Spark Phone1
Spark Phone2
For optimal use

With this user-friendly app, employees can individually adjust lighting and climate. This contributes to the productivity and creativity. The system offers many more possibilities such as providing insights in the occupation of (meetings)rooms. With help of the app users can optimally use Spark. 

And this is only the beginning. This SMART-system can be fully configured to meet your specific needs and even expanded by various high-tech service additions. Think, for instance, of a synchronized room booking and reservation system that is able to release rooms in the event of no-shows. Other options are a real-time overview of the room availability and reserving parking spaces for guests with the app. The SMART-system allows future users to integrate new technology and innovations easily. It guarantees that Spark is fully up-to-date for the future. 

Smart Building

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