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The Edge

Combination of technology and sustainability

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Not in Tokyo, New York, Delhi, London or Paris, but in Amsterdam you can find the world’s most sustainable office building: The Edge. The sophisticated design, combined with smart and advanced technology, resulted in a 98.36% (BREEAM-NL) sustainability score for the building. The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume.


ZuidAs, Amsterdam


- PLP Architecture
- Deerns
- G&S Bouw


40.000 m2


Deloitte, AKD

Completion date

11 december 2014

Energy labels

BREEAM-NL Outstanding

“This building, without a doubt, deserves the title 'greenest office building in the world'" Gavin Dunn, Director of BREEAM

The Edge
in the picture

The Edge has everything to offer its users a pleasant workplace, in every sense of the word. The sophisticated design creates a comfortable living environment, whilst in addition, it focuses on sustainability and efficient energy consumption.


in all details

When developing the building, all parts, whether large or small, were reviewed. This way of thinking ultimately led to an unparalleled complex.

case edge zon startframe source
Sunny prospects

The Edge is orientated and shaped in such a way that the power of the sun is optimally utilised. The glass facade ensures that daylight can be benefited from as long as possible, without the heat of the sun influencing the temperature inside. The south side of the building is equipped with super efficient solar panels, keeping the heat out and the radiation absorbed when it’s at its strongest. And the result? More than enough energy for the heating/cooling installation, all laptops and smartphones in the building and all the electric powered vehicles, used by employees.

the edge-hightlight2-bg
Reliable sources

The heating and cooling of The Edge is regulated in a sustainable way. Therefore, two groundwater sources are located 130 metres underground: one for cold water and one for warm water. These so-called aquifer thermal energy storage pumps, depending on the inner and outer climate, pump warm or cold water in to or out of the building. The installation pumps are driven by self-generated solar power. As such, The Edge cleverly and optimally uses all sustainable possibilities.

Lighting for everyone

Everyone in The Edge with a smartphone or tablet may itself regulate the light and the "climate" of his workplace with the special Philips app.

The 6,000 low-energy LEDs are connected to a daylight, temperature, infrared & motion detector. They are only active when necessary. The LEDs save energy, because they offer 300 Lux, instead of the standard 500 Lux. As a result 3.9 Watts/m² is used instead of the usual 8 Watts/m².

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telefoon food app startscreen
Healthy life

The Edge is not only good for the environment; it also offers a healthy inner climate for users. For instance, the heat recovery ventilation system contributes to that: an intelligent ventilation system. Furthermore, the building offers facilities to have a healthy meal at home after a long working day. Via an app and an interactive screen, users can select a dish in the daytime, which they want in the evening. Food shop Bilder & De Clercq ensures the necessary ingredients to be ready for picking up at the end of the day.

De Voorsprong (‘the head start’)

Listening, cooperating
and connecting

OVG Real Estate did not only listen to the client’s wishes, but also worked closely together with them, in order to achieve the best result. This approach, including the cooperation with leading knowledge and expertise partners, ensured that The Edge was the perfect marriage between technology and sustainability. The result is outstanding, according to the BREEAM-certification.

Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of OVG Real Estate: “We established a team of experts and challenged them to apply new innovations to make The Edge one of the most efficient and sustainable buildings in the world.” Van Oostrom adds: “The office building was developed together with as well as for Deloitte, the first tenant of The Edge. This form of cooperation is the reason that the building received such a great rating”.

“In order to further develop a sustainable innovation such as this one, you need a partnership, it cannot be done in a traditional way”

Kevin Raaijmakers, Marketing Manager Philips

In the news

The Edge has been internationally acknowledged as the most sustainable and most likely the smartest office building in the world. Several media channels such as Spanish newspaper El Pais, news channel BBC and international (online) magazines such as Wired and Fast Company have picked up on The Edge. The international business news site Bloomberg Business has also devoted considerable attention to The Edge. An extensive video report examines the innovative concept of the building in detail.

Figures and certificates

The facts

Over a period of 10 years The Edge will save 42 million kilograms of CO2, compared with a ‘normal’ office building. It is clear: this building’s performance is impressive. The facts about the world’s most sustainable building.

The Edge has achieved the following certifications