Sustainable management in practice


Since 2012, Almelo has had a striking distribution centre, belonging to Timberland Europe. The building is located on the XL Businesspark Twente. Thanks to successful cooperation between OVG Real Estate, Systabo and Timberland Europe B.V., it was possible to complete the development of the body of the building as well as the entire interior in less than a year.

Strategic location

Timberland chose this location in Almelo for its strategic position and for having a great reach by road, rail and.... water. Those were the company’s requirements since the new distribution centre is the very hub for transport to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Timberland outdoor products can be transported to and from Almelo by an energy-efficient ship. This way the company puts into practice its mission to make transport sustainable.

In the building a great deal of recyclable material was implemented.

Green housing

OVG Real Estate helps Timberland to transform another part of the management into green: the housing. The developed building was awarded with a BREEAM-NL Good-certification. The building partly owes this to the centrally organised and sustainable energy purchases, effluent management and clever use of ‘grey’ water for toilets, among others.

Also the surroundings were thought of: while establishing the outdoor location, the habitat of plants and animals was taken into account. Facilities for nesting bats and swallows have been installed.

Johan de Vries Architecten designed the distribution centre of which the coloured facade panels on the outside are particularly striking. Still sustainability was also the guideline in this design. In the building a great deal of recyclable material was implemented, such as rubble granulate under the concrete floors and glass wool insulation in the walls. Even during construction, minimising CO2 emission was aimed at: by prefabricating the main steel construction near the construction site, the transport distance was significantly reduced.


Darwin 8, Almelo

Date of completion

30 March 2012


distribution centre


Johan de Vries Architecten


29.260 m2



Energy labels