TNT Centre

Blueprint sustainable building in 2020

TNT Centre

TNT came to OVG Real Estate with a mission: the company wanted to become the world’s first CO2-neutral mail & and express mail service company. The new head office should be its first achievement in that respect, without compromising on the quality of the workspaces and the design. Most of all it was to be developed with the same budget as a ‘regular’ office.

Sustainable, not overpriced

OVG Real Estate developed an ambitious plan for the one sustainable office of the future, that would require the utmost of itself and all parties involved. Nearly every process was entirely new, every method and every technique applied, was unprecedented. And now it’s here: the evidence that sustainable is not necessarily more expensive. A wonderful, self-sufficient building without compromises. An icon, not only for TNT, but also for the ‘new way of working’ in general.

Own power plant

In the TNT head office a great number of sustainable innovations have been applied, such as heat/cold storage in the ground, natural ventilation in which warmth of the discharged ventilation air is recovered and the connection to the ‘grey water system’. Power is generated by a combined heat plant and power plant, which operates on bio-fuels. This does not only supply power to the TNT Centre itself, but also to the neighbouring buildings.

Infographic Tnt 6

Example project

At completion in 2011 this was the most sustainable building in The Netherlands. Within the assessment of GreenCalc+, it received the highest score ever, for a building of such proportions. Ever since the building has been broadly recognised for the energy-neutral way of construction and it has served as a model for the sector. Meanwhile the TNT Centre is considered an international blueprint for sustainable construction for 2020, when all European new development must be energy neutral. TNT is also the first office building in the Netherlands to have a Platinum LEED certification, the widely recognised certification system from America.



Taurusavenue 111, Hoofddorp

Date of completion

9 februari 2011


office building


Paul de Ruiter Architecten


17.257 m2



Energy labels

LEED Platinum, GreenCalc C+ 1006