Green suit


The ‘green suit’ of UPC is located in Leeuwarden, on the Reviusstraat, since 2011. This remarkable building was developed by JOIN, a joint-venture of OVG Real Estate and Triodos Bank. Architect Paul de Ruiter was responsible for the design.

Employees at the centre

The nickname ‘the green suit’ was given to the building for a reason. In order to perfectly customise the building for UPC, the design started on the inside, with the smallest, yet most essential measures, those of the workplaces. Work started from the inside out and the building was supplied with an elegant ‘white coat’.

Since sustainable construction is the preference of JOIN as well as UPC and Paul de Ruiter, UPC’s tailored-suit is also obviously green. Green does not only feature associations with sustainability, but also with convenience and space. That significance was the inspiration to two green atriums, which serve as the lungs of the building and around which, all functionalities are modelled. Surrounding the ‘lungs’ are the concentration and relaxation spots, that supply the UPC employees with light, air and space.

The UPC office uses water from the Harlingertrekvaart for the cooling of the building.

Future resistant

The suit approach does not reduce the flexibility of the building. The floor plans are designed in such a way that in the future the function can change either partly or completely: it changes as the organisation changes. Also the power supply is based on a future resistant concept, such as some 800 m2 of solar panels.

The building has more features that contribute to an efficient use of power. It was equipped with clever solar shading which ensures that enough daylight comes in, while it blocks the warmth of direct sunlight to prevent temperature changes within the office. Earth warmth provides the heating and the water from the canal ensures the cooling of the building. All this resulted in the UPC office being rewarded the BREEAM Excellent-certificate.



Reviusstraat 2, Leeuwarden

Date of completion

20 October 2011




Paul de Ruiter Architecten


7.812 m2



Energy labels

BREEAM Excellent