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OVG Investments invests in existing office buildings that are situated in strategic locations and have high potential. We do this at our own risk and in cooperation with our investment partners. Focusing on re-development and sustainability of mostly vacant office buildings, value is created for OVG Real Estate and its external partners.


Sustainable investment in real estate

Setting new directions

As a leader in the market, OVG Investments invests in empty buildings. This demonstrates that we dare to set new directions, while at the same time we take our social responsibility. Every building that is added to OVG Investments’ new portfolio, is meticulously inspected. Consequently, it is determined which interventions and innovations are necessary to make the building sustainable. In practice it usually comes down to reducing the use of energy.

OVG Investments understands the Dutch real estate market very well. Based on experience and vision, they have the ability to identify chances at an early stage. Thanks to the close cooperation with the specialised Capital Markets team, chances are not only identified, but also created.

We dare to set new directions, while taking our social responsibility


To keep track of the sustainability performance we participate in the annual study of GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark). In 2014, OVG achieved the Green Star Status, the highest possible qualification. During this specific year, our Unicum portfolio succeeded in reaching an energy reduction of 985 MWh and a GHG reduction of 163,5 ton. This equals the emission and energy consumption of 40 automobiles and 87 homes respectively. A solid result that contributes to our overall sustainability objectives.

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