HumboldtHafenEins: Berlin’s Greenest Office Building

HumboldtHafenEins: Berlin’s Greenest Office Building

Punctually on the planned completion date, OVG Real Estate delivered the HumboldtHafenEins office building to the new tenant PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). With this building, OVG, known for technological innovation, most recently with its Amsterdam project 'The Edge' with which it earned the worldwide highest BREEAM score, has set its first milestone in Berlin.

With integrated cogeneration plant, ventilation system with 75% heat recovery, energy-optimised air conditioning, a façade with the best insulation ratings as well as triple glazing, HumboldtHafenEins is not only Berlin’s greenest office building, it also among the top ten most sustainable office buildings in Germany and was awarded the pre-certification DGNB Gold. Thus the building clearly conforms to the OVG company philosophy concentrating on sustainability and innovation.

Company founder Coen van Oostrom:

“Just because of the prominent location between the government quarter and the Berlin Central Station, it was important to us not only that our first project in Berlin was attractive architectonically but that it was also innovative in every way, future oriented in its execution and thus standard setting in character.”

So that both Berlin residents and tourists can promenade under the building’s arcades and enjoy the view of the Humboldthafen from any of the new cafés and restaurants at the end of June, the entire grounds have been lowered by 1.5 meters to the same level as the quay wall. A total of 1,200 sqm are available for gastronomy and retail trade, while some 30,000 sqm remaining comprise rental space for the offices of the multinational firms PwC and Sanofi Pasteur MSD. The seven-storey building was designed in meander form by the architects KSP Jürgen Engel.
HumboldtHafenEins will not remain the only OVG project in the vicinity of the government quarter. Already west of the Central Station, 'Grand Central Berlin', a new office property, is under development.

Martin Rodeck, Managing Director of OVG in Germany:

“The new urban architectural development of this centrally located plot fascinated us from the very beginning. We will use our competence as a technology-sensitive and innovative firm to make a serious contribution toward developing this location in the sense of a 'smart city'."