An interactive food wall in The Edge

An interactive food wall in The Edge

Last month, OVG Real Estate and Bilder & De Clercq installed an innovative interactive food wall for offices in the world’s most sustainable office building: The Edge. By means of an app, this innovative food wall allows users of The Edge to select, order and pay for the food they will prepare themselves. The Edge is the first office building equipped with this new convenient food concept that inspires users to consume fresh, healthy food that is ethically produced and purchased. In doing so, OVG is responding to the trend to encourage health and well-being in the built environment.

The Bilder & De Clercq Wall

This interactive food wall – the Bilder & De Clercq Wall – is a screen that displays pictures of 14 food choices. With a Bilder & De Clercq app, users can scan a QR code to order everything they need for the food item they want to prepare. The app, which is linked to a credit card, makes it possible to order and pay for their purchase in three steps. The precisely measured fresh ingredients for the selected food to be prepared (usually local, organic or fair-trade products) are ready to be collected from the company restaurant’s refrigerator – along with the recipe – at the end of the day. Some of the 14 food choices change every week to keep the selection varied and fun to prepare. This concept has already won a prestigious award in New York. Early this year, the American National Retail Federation declared the Bilder & De Clercq Wall the best innovation of 2014.


In realising The Edge, the goal OVG Real Estate had in mind was establishing a new global benchmark for the built environment as well as focusing on the convenience, health and productivity of its end users. The partnership between OVG Real Estate en Bilder & De Clercq illustrates the achievement of this goal. OVG Real Estate and Bilder & De Clercq have expressed their intention of extending this concept in other office buildings in the near future.

Bilder & De Clercq

Bilder & De Clercq is a grocery organised according to recipes. Every day they offer their customers a choice of 14 exciting recipes and the ingredients to prepare them quickly and easily at home. All the necessary ingredients are supplied in exactly the right quantities. Practically all of these dishes can be on the table within 30 minutes, and home cooks can hardly go wrong with the step-by-step recipe instructions provided. Whenever possible, the ingredients are locally produced, usually organic, and purchased as fair-trade items. Bilder & De Clercq worked with YesTap (a technology start-up) and D&B The Facility Group (an integrated facility services provider) to develop an interactive food wall for offices.

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