OVG Real Estate starts construction Rabobank office

a glimpse into the future

OVG Real Estate starts construction Rabobank office

The construction of Rabobank's new offices on Fellenoord in Eindhoven has officially started. Over the coming months a new, more sustainable office that will meet the needs of both today's and future employees will rise on the spot where the tower of the former office used to stand. OVG Real Estate has commissioned the building firm of Boele & van Eesteren, part of VolkerWessels, to carry out the construction. In January OVG revealed that W.P. Carey will be taking on the building as investment. Rabobank expects to be moving into the new offices in 2017.

Ceremonial start of construction

OVG Real Estate celebrated the start of construction together with Rabobank Boele & van Eesteren surrounded by all those involved and the people living in the neighborhood. Pieter Ketting (Program Director Accommodation Rabobank Nederland), Staf Depla (Alderman for Economics, Work and Income and Vocational Training, Municipality of Eindhoven) and Jan Hein Tiedema (General Manager OVG Nederland) opened the festivities with a speech. All those present were then given a chance to look into the future. Virtual reality images on a smart phone, and with the use of a Google Cardboard enabled the audience to look at the Rabobank's future office. Over the next few months OVG Real Estate will also be enabling passers-by and anyone interested to view the new offices by means of virtual reality images. Signs all around the construction site will explain how to do this.

Fitting into its surroundings

The new office has been designed by UN Studio and fits in with Eindhoven's current urban policy. Horizontal lines, broken by diagonals, dominate the design. The whole thing has a playful character due to the mutual staggering of some of the floors. In total the office comprise ten floors making it less tall than the former Rabo Tower. Sustainable materials are being used for the construction and the design is aimed at limiting energy consumption. While the old building was a sort of ‘bastion on an island' the new office will naturally interweave with its surroundings, helped by the attention to the green and partially open grounds.

New Way of Working

With this development Rabobank Nederland is putting in place a safe, attractive and flexible working environment equipped for the New Way of Working. The new office will be given a broad range of facilities, varying from concentration areas to meeting areas, and from areas for meetings to areas for presentations, workshops and development. There will be 1,500 workplaces for around 2,000 employees and 544 parking spaces. The future office will be more sustainable than the current one. For this the focus is centered on energy-efficiency.

Virtual reality images on a smart phone and the use of a Google Cardboard enabled the audience to look at the Rabobank's future office

Boost for station district

The construction of the Rabobank office as part of the redevelopment of this location at Fellenoord fits in perfectly with the urban vision of the Municipality of Eindhoven. In close consultation with the Municipality of Eindhoven, OVG Real Estate and the Rabobank want to make the connection between Woensel-Zuid and the central station and the center of Eindhoven more attractive and accessible.

Phased development

The Fellenoord commercial location is being developed in phases. The start of the new build for the Rabobank office sees a first milestone reached in the first phase of the development in this district. The new Rabobank office on Fellenoord is scheduled for completion in 2016. It will then be fitted out and staff is expected to move in during 2017. Work cannot start on the redevelopment of the other section of the office location until the Rabobank staff leaves the present low-rise building in 2017. The parties involved are still exploring the possibilities for this second phase.

About the Rabobank Group

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles, active in the fields of retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing, real estate services and insurance. In the Netherlands the focus is on all-finance services. The international focus is chiefly aimed at the food and agricultural businesses. The Rabobank Group is a cooperative and comprises the independent local Rabobanks and their central organization Rabobank Nederland with a number of (international) subsidiaries.

About Boele & van Eesteren

Boele & van Eesteren is an innovative developing contractor, specializing in large-scale complex residential and non-residential construction projects. Boele & van Eesteren is a subsidiary of VolkerWessels, a Dutch construction concern with a decentralized organizational form and around 120 subsidiaries. VolkerWessels works in partnership with its 15,000 employees on shaping society in the field of construction, mobility, energy and communications provision. We develop, design, build, finance, manage and operate.