Circular application – The start of a city metamorphosis

Circular application – The start of a city metamorphosis

Sustainability and innovation are key starting points of each project we put our hands on. This was no different for the development of the new ING headquartes. Together with G&S Vastgoed we formed a consortium to create a smart building and contribute to a smart city. 

Our aim is to help the municipality of Amsterdam to reshape the area in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. With this transformation, we want to create a healthy and stimulating future prospect for the entire city grid. Redeveloping the ING headquarters is an iconic project in this transformation, where we are contributing to a sustainable city. 

Think ahead 
Together with G&S Vastgoed, we acquired an old office complex situated on the Frankemaheerd in Amsterdam-Zuidoost in 2015. The building had been vacant for seven years and needed to be demolished to make room for new a sustainable office. As sustainable innovators, we saw the demolition as an opportunity to create something new, so we assigned Superuse Studios to create a plan outlining how broken-down material could be reused.

Think bigger
To recycle the existing material, it first need to be inventoried. Analyzing price, measurement, availability and other features showed us how, when and where it could be reused. The materials were not to be used for the new office alone, but we also saw opportunities for other areas and buildings. Giving us a chance to contribute to grow our sustainable and innovative footprint. With Superuse Studios we found a great fit, as they own a professional online marketplace where supply and demand for waste material is matched. Enabling us to effectively utilize waste flows.

With Superuse Studios we found a great fit

Think bravely
Recycling the material helped us achieve multiple goals. We started the development of a more sustainable Amsterdam, we innovatively shaped the new project in a way that had never been done before, and we managed to use the recycled material for several other projects. The waste material of the demolished Frankemaheerd building is used for the new ING headquarters, the Hotel Buiten and the Viisi headquarters. Former ceilings have been used as current ceiling finishing for the circular awarded Viisi office in Amsterdam and the frontage of the old Frankemaheerd building is now the façade for new housing of the pavilion at Sloterplas called Hotel Buiten.

With this project, we demonstrated where our heart is. We are on our way to metamorphose cities.