New sustainable office Rabobank Delivered

New sustainable office Rabobank Delivered

OVG Real Estate delivered the new Rabobank office in Eindhoven on the 17th of May. The development of the new office is part of the redevelopment of the Rabobank complex at Fellenoord, a cooperation between Rabobank and OVG. The total redevelopment consists of two phases. The completed building is 28,000 sq.m. in size and qualifies for a BREEAM Excellent certification because of using sustainable technology. In October 2017, the office will be officially opened by Rabobank.

For this development sustainable materials and techniques were used in order to reduce energy consumption. The design is metropolitan with a natural feel by using materials such as natural stone, wooden interior and creating green areas. The office promotes the new way of working by offering different types of spaces for meeting, presentation, workshops and dedicated work. The building is 28,000 sq.m. and provides space for 1,500 workplaces.

The first prototypes of PowerWindows were used in the building. The PowerWindows are a development by the startup PHYSEE and can generate power by converting sunlight into electricity. This project is PowerWindows' pilot project, making Rabobank in Eindhoven world's first office building with transparant, power-generating windows.

Thomas Ummels, Executive Development Director OVG Real Estate. "With the completion of the first phase of the redevelopment of Fellenoord, we have given a significant boost to the area and the City of Eindhoven. We are extremely proud of this high-quality building, thanks to the help of our design and construction partners, to Rabobank and W.P. Carey. "

The new Rabobank office is located opposite to Eindhoven Central Station. Various developments make the station environment more attractive and create a more pleasant living environment.

The construction was carried out by VolkerWessel's companies Boele & van Eesteren and Stam + De Koning Bouw. The design of the office building is from UN Studio. In 2015, the office was acquired by Real Estate Investor W.P. Carey.