OVG and Hans Wilschut present new book BANK

OVG and Hans Wilschut present new book BANK

In cooperation with renowned photographer Hans Wilschut and studio Beige we captured the creation of a young Eindhoven icon: the new office of Rabobank, designed by UNStudio.

Over a period of three years, Hans Wilschut photographed the process of building a building. Through the eyes of Hans Wilschut we see the conception, construction and the creation of a new icon in Eindhoven.

Publication date: December 14, 2017
Idea and Photography: Hans Wilschut
Art direction and design: Studio Beige
Image editing: Studio Beige, Hans Wilschut
Text editing: Daan Dekker
Publisher: OVG Real Estate
Distribution: Trichis

ISBN: 789492077998

For more information or to order a book please visit website Hans Wilschut