OVG contributes to circular ambitions of Amsterdam - Sloterdijk: 25.500 sq.m. leased to Alliander

OVG contributes to circular ambitions of Amsterdam - Sloterdijk: 25.500 sq.m. leased to Alliander

OVG Real Estate has signed a long-term lease agreement with grid management company Alliander for 25,500 m2 in the office building at Basisweg 10 in Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

The building is undergoing extensive renovation by OVG and will soon feature smart high-tech innovations that will make the building highly sustainable and circular. The location will accommodate 1,500 Alliander employees.

This project is part of major investments in the up-and-coming Sloterdijk neighbourhood. The Municipality of Amsterdam facilitated the agreement and applauds the transformation, as it contributes to the circular ambition of the city and is in perfect keeping with the developments and quality of life of Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

The parties aim to have the building produce more energy than it consumes, with the excess energy being returned to the immediate surroundings. This involves the use of the latest technological innovations, to be integrated into the building by OVG.

The transformation of the building is part of the goal of both parties to have it serve as an exemplary project for the area. Local energy generation and circular nature of the project contribute to creating a positive link between Basisweg 10 and its surroundings.

Alliander and OVG share the goal to create a healthy, circular and energy-positive environment. The long-term commitment of both parties is therefore a logic step. The ultimate goal of the renovation is to develop a healthy, dynamic and inspiring working and living environment. Sustainability goals have been incorporated into the design, construction and execution phases of the project, as well as in the long term use of the building. As a result, Basisweg 10 is being developed based on the notion of maximum reuse of products and raw materials in both the construction process and design.

The office building has a surface area of close to 50,000 m2, of which 25,500 m2 has been leased to Alliander.