Construction milestone on new and sustainable ING head office

Planting of first tree

Construction milestone on new and sustainable ING head office

The start of construction on the new ING head office was celebrated by the planting of a tree instead of the traditional driving of the first pile. This action symbolises the sustainable character of the new building and, like ING’s mission, is also founded on innovation and creativity. Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan was invited by Ralph Hamers (CEO of ING), Coen van Oostrom (CEO of OVG Real Estate) and Jason Blackmore (G&S Vastgoed) to witness the start of this low-energy, future-proof and technologically sophisticated project.

Office building of the future 

OVG and G&S Vastgoed are jointly developing this impressive project. These two developers designed the office building in campus style to promote collaboration and flexible working among employees. The construction includes the use of circular concrete that can be continuously recycled without quality loss. The roof of the building will be covered entirely in solar panels, while the technology incorporated into the building will guarantee smart and sustainable (energy) use and will contribute to creating a healthy workplace. The goal is to achieve BREEAM Outstanding sustainability certification on completion.


 A more sustainable Amsterdam-Zuidoost 

Coen van Oostrom, CEO of OVG, comments, Its a fantastic opportunity to develop the ING head office and support their sustainable goals for the future by creating this smart, energy-efficient building. The collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam shows that this project involves not only a new building, but a joint contribution to a more sustainable city.” 

Jason Blackmore, G&S Vastgoed, adds, With this project, we are not only creating a healthy and stimulating work environment for ING employees, but also contributing to the future prospects of an entire city district.


 Relocation in 2019 

ING expects to move into the new Frankemaheerd complex in mid-2019. ING’s relocation to Frankemaheerd will also entail a transformation of the Amsterdamse Poort, where the current ING head office is located. After the move, OVG and G&S will start converting the old office building into a residential building.