OVG Real Estate and Triodos start construction of new and sustainable offices for Triodos Bank

OVG Real Estate and Triodos start construction of new and sustainable offices for Triodos Bank

JOIN, a joint venture between OVG Real Estate and Triodos Bank, today announced the start of construction of the new offices for Triodos Bank Nederland and Triodos Investment Management in Driebergen. The building will be built in a circular manner by J.P. van Eesteren. The client JOIN has set high sustainability objectives: the goal is to achieve BREEAM Outstanding sustainability certification on completion. The offices will be completed by Summer 2019.

Thomas Ummels, Executive Development Director of OVG said: ‘'It’s fantastic to develop the offices for Triodos Bank and to champion their sustainable future vision by creating this smart, energy-neutral building. It’s a special situation that all parties involved in the chain share the same circular ambition. Furthermore, the partnership with J.P. van Eesteren contributes towards our shared objectives to take projects to a higher level.

Eco-friendly Principal Structure

Light, air and water will be provided in the most natural ways possible, which makes the building totally energy-neutral. The project not only comprises the construction of the new offices, but also the creation of a car park for around 250 cars (partly covered by a construction fitted with solar panels). This estate is part of the National Ecological Network. The arrival of Triodos Bank in De Reehorst strengthens the estate and the various nature conservation areas in the region will be better connected to each other.

Circular construction

The building is demountable, which means that the components and materials can be reused at the end of their working life, without leaving any traces behind. The new Triodos offices will be prefabricated as far as possible and installed on site in line with OVG's aim to make construction smarter and more sustainable. This means that a relatively minor occupation of the construction site is required on a daily basis and the nature is disturbed as little as possible.


The design for the building was created by Thomas Rau (RAU) who has been making a great contribution to the discussion around sustainability and the use of renewable sources in architecture for many years. The interior design will be provided by Ex Interiors and the integrated landscaping plan has been developed by Arcadis.