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Healthy balance

Living & Working

OVG Real Estate wants to contribute in a healthy environment with its projects. This reflects in our vision on sustainability, but also in our efforts to create a healthy balance between ‘living and working’. We want to establish a work environment where people are happy and, above all, healthy. Therefore, we alternately make use of advanced technology as well as logical thinking.

Air quality, temperature and light are the main factors that influence the well-being of the users of a building. During the development phase, the inner climate is high on our priority list for valid reasons. We apply systems in our projects which automatically regulate the quantity of oxygen, depending on the number of employees present. Or we provide workplaces where the users can control light and temperature themselves through the use of their smartphones. Sometimes advanced technology is not necessary, when it merely comes to logical thinking: a building with many windows allows enough daylight in which results in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and are able to perform well in their workplace. It also saves energy.

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With its buildings, OVG Real Estate intends to promote the health and well-being of the users. In order to do so, we look beyond the direct environmental factors, such as air, light and temperature. We ensure that within our projects, we do not only develop office buildings, but also attractive and green exterior areas to stimulate the users to take a break and go for a short walk. In order to encourage exercise, some projects, like The Edge are equipped with indoor sport facilities and we always focus on the accessibility by bicycle. The building being reachable by different means of transport, other than a car, is also important as it contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission.

Sometimes we even take it a step further in the promotion of our users’ health. In the office building The Edge, the applied system enables the users to order groceries in the daytime, in order to prepare a fresh and healthy meal in the evening. In this respect, OVG Real Estate proves to look beyond the development of just an office building. We build to create a healthy living environment.

Practice examples

Healthy inside
and outside


Green campus

With the re-development of the Rabobank office in Eindhoven, this city is provided with a modern workplace, which corresponds with the wishes of the ‘new way of working’. But also the project gives the district Fellenoord a new impulse. It will be placed in the middle of a green campus, accessible to everyone. In addition, it connects two parts of the city in a pleasant way.

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De Rotterdam

Cold and warm floors

This building has a 150 metres high, mostly glass, facade, being permanently at the mercy of the elements. How does one ensure a pleasant, healthy and continuous inner climate in such a building complex? OVG Real Estate equipped the multifunctional building, De Rotterdam, with intelligent systems; incorporated in the floor allowing heat or cool air to flow when necessary. In addition, sun shielding and high energy efficient insulating glass will ensure a constant temperature.

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The Edge

Innovative shopping

Consuming fresh and healthy food on a daily basis is easy for the users of The Edge. Food shop, Bilder & De Clercq, offers a special app which can be used to easily select a dish that users plan to prepare that evening. By the end of the day all necessary ingredients, including the recipe, are ready to be taken home. In the meantime, the innovation has been awarded by the American National Retail Foundation.

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